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In an era where the world has become a "global village", "electronic" and "connected", information is exploding but true knowledge is shrinking and with it, the character. In this challenging environment , educational institutions need to play their role of not only providing quality education but also building strong and balanced personality that would provide true leadership for the future. Al-Falah School is set out to achieve this goal by offering quality education, imparting strong moral and cultural values and providing proper guidance. Our faculty and staff are experienced teachers, facilitators of learning and mentors to our students.

Career Building

The ways of discovery and use of information continue to undergo change. This transformation introduces newer challenges for all of us, more so for the coming generations who have to deal with new concepts, new technologies and new innovations that we are witnessing today. These new ideas have to be employed to solve complex problems that will benefit the world. No doubt this raises the bar on the skills and traits that are needed in people, in all spheres of life.

Character Building

The school considers that the time spent by students during their school years is not only immensely valuable for their own careers, but also fundamentally important to their families and to the society they are a part of. The personality that is formed during the school years impacts how the child behaves in the family and society. The personality that is developed during the school years directly impacts the relationship of students with their parents, family members and with all human beings. This is why equal emphasis on moral values is a cherished principle of the School.