Poems Penned By Our Students

Click Here to Read More Once I Met – By Sumaiyya Masroor Once I met a person Who was so polite With a face very bright Who was so caring And so much loving Who was so soft spoken And always carried a pen Who was a poet But usually quiet Who was a writer And not a fighter Who was a friend of mine And was a knowledge mine Who was ever smiling And seldom did scolding Who was a guide To take us right Who was a chef Cooked things in a jiff Who was our escort cool Be it to home or school Who used to take us on a ride On his green moped Who used to give us chocolate Without being late Who was happy on my achievement And first to congratulate Who was so delicate But ready to motivate Who used to play with us To let us win of course Who used to call me Angel That was a beautiful label He used to sit with us To crack jokes with us With him we saw beyond the gate A world so great He is my dearest Nannu Mai aap ki fan hoon I cherish the moments spent with him I love him a lot and so I do miss him ****************************************************** Fun With My Cat – By Unaisah Asif I had a cat, can you guess its name It’s what everyone likes to eat It starts with a ‘c’ and ends with an ‘e’ And is of course a favourite with me It’s a treat for boys and girls But it messes with their teeth It comes in all shapes and sizes And is as dark as it can be My cat, if it could talk Would play a game with you “I’m Chocolate” it would say “and I’d like to guess your name too!”