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Teaching Philosophy

We have a unique academic program based on the following teaching philosophy. We impart curricular, co-curricular and Islamic education to facilitate holistic growth and all round development.

Quran Memorization

Al-Falah School offers an optional Quran Memorization (Hifz) track for interested students. Students at the primary level desirous of taking this track will be branched out of the regular track for upto two years to focus on the memorization of the Quran. The classes and grades that are skipped by the students due to their admission into the Hifz track will be adequately compensated in the form of reduced work schedule, supplementary materials and take home assignments. Such students will be able to re-join the regular track after the completion of the Hifz program.

Al-Falah School intends to employ Innovative, Dynamic, Entertaining, and Applied Learning(IDEAL) approach as the means of reaching our academic goals.

Innovation in Education

Using tried and tested approaches to teaching will be a norm at Al-Falah School, but continuous improvement through innovation will be a necessary element of our academic program. The teaching and learning strategies will utilize recent findings from research in the realm of education and apply them in a controlled manner in our classrooms. This will be applicable to both tools and techniques used in our approach.

We are committed to utilizing educational tools that employ the latest technology- towards achieving accelerated learning. We will introduce templates into our teaching operations to help our teachers automate day-to-day tasks.


We believe that teaching can be effective when the teachers make an effort to understand the learning styles of the students. Learning styles may change over the course of time. As such, teachers have to keep abreast of the changes in the learning styles of the students and match their teaching styles accordingly.

In Al-Falah School, we seek to understand the learning styles of our students and train them accordingly. We believe it is important for teachers to comprehend how students understand, conceptualize, record and recall what has been taught.

We believe teaching should be learner-directed and it should motivate learners to take charge of their learning. Our teachers will work closely with our students and their parents to ensure that what is taught is being learnt.

Learning as Fun

Teaching should be entertaining and fun. It is very difficult to sustain a child’s interest, if learning is boring, repetitive and devoid of fun. We believe teachers should inspire and kindle interest in students for students to develop love towards their studies.

Applied Learning

Theory is an important element of learning. Students learn about descriptions, principles, theorems, hypothesis, models, observations, etc. However, in order to make learning be interesting, theory is not sufficient. It has to accompany its counterpart- the practical side. Students should be able to apply the knowledge they have gained in appropriate way.

Almost all students demonstrate brilliance during their elementary school. However, when learning becomes more abstract, some students find it increasingly difficult to cope up with studies. Students who are weak in studies usually sport a kinesthetic attitude. That is, they tend to learn by getting physically involved. Some weak students outshine their intellectually advanced peers in extra curricular and recreational activities. This makes us conclude that applied learning is critical to the success of many students.

At Al-Falah School, we believe students must be taught about the real-world application of their learning. Many researches have shown that a person can retain only 20% of what is heard after 2 days. However this retention increases to 80% if something is HEARD, SEEN & DONE. Applied Learning makes learning interesting, comprehensible and useful. It helps students to ingrain long-lasting knowledge and lifelong skills.

Our school aims at the multi-faceted development of our students. As we have highlighted in our philosophy, our focus is to help children grow into wholesome personalities both in terms of their education and character.